“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” —Thomas Edison, General Electric Co-founder

SPR Management has expanded its sourcing activities to include Industrial and specialized coatings, raw materials and machinery  Our supplying partners from Asia, North America and Europe each add strong connections to our source and supply strategy, assisting our clients to meet their industrial requirements whilst focusing on their core business and objectives.

No single procurement in this sector is alike as we have unique clients in niche industries often dealing with proprietary information and patented materials.  We have earned our clients’ trust in handling their individualized sourcing requirements varying from small electrical parts to in-house customized equipment fitting specific machinery.  We serve to connect our clients with required suppliers and professionals to finalize our contractual agreements.”

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    “The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them”, Benjamin Jowett

    In today’s economic climate, sourcing is no longer only about savings and cost reductions. It is a multifaceted strategy in reducing costs, increasing productivity, better project management, enhancing company target focus, and freeing up much valued human resources, which redirected can translate into a vast source of creative energy used to grow company portfolios.

    And this is where we can help you! Whether through our connections, our product expertise, or our contractors, we strive for excellence in assuming partnership with our clients and provide a much required presence in place of an IPO (International Procurement Office) on behalf of our partners.  We take each project based on its own merits regardless of size or nature and rather focus our attention on our ongoing future partnerships!

    Our sourcing efforts encompass industrial, oil and gas, retail, green technology as well as the mining sector. We intend to help you define and implement what you may find difficult to source or transport!


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