About SPR

“Success is the culmination of failures, mistakes, false starts, confusion, and the determination to keep going anyway”, Nick Gleason

SPR Management is primarily a consulting and sourcing company committed to a holistic approach in assisting its clients to achieve their goals and fulfill their requirements. At SPR Management we employ our vast knowledge in the industrial and commercial sector together with our global connections to find a customized solution for each undertaking.

Our expertise in logistics management, industry knowledge combined with our excellent client care approach make us a suitable partner to all our clients for their short or long term projects.

Our systemic approach to your product inquiry ensures our successful partnership in sourcing our clients required products and services.  We manage industrial and commercial sourcing, logistics management, product / site consulting services as well as any other niche venture identified and outsourced through us.

Our mission is to allow each partnering company to focus their expert attention on their core objectives whilst we assist in managing the side projects.

Our Job is to get you what you want, not what you need!

Let’s See How We Can get you that stuff!